4 thoughts on “November 22 at Beyond Baroque

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    • Actually, yes, very well. I read the night before in Santa Monica at The Rapp Saloon, and a couple people who saw me there actually drive over fyi see me at Beyond Baroque. At both events, I was introduced by Michael C Ford, whose most recent spoken word album had musical backup by the three surviving members of The Doors (one, Manzcerek, died after the recording). His first reading was with Jim Morrison of The Doors). He’s the most venerable poet in the Los Angeles poetry scene, an extremely nice guy, and I was very fortunate that he set my readings and introduced me at both. There was a live stream, also videotaped. The videographer did it as a favor to another poet who read when me Saturday night, Yvonne De la Cruz. She and t other fine poets, Amalio Madueño and Christian Alvarez, opened for me, which was amazing. The videographer invited me over to his studio the next day and made professional quality video and audio recordings of me reading two poems. They are up now, and I’ll be posting links, but he’s planning on recording actors and dancers for the visual part and just using my voice later on. The whole experience was terrific.

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