Poets on Film

Virgogray Press authors caught in the act.

Virgogray Press

Virgogray Press authors have been caught on film, check them out:

Donna Snyder – AWP 2010

Anne McMillen – AWP 2010

Justin Blackburn – My Savior

Justin Blackburn – My Grandfather, Ralph Blackburn

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Bill Shute on Donna Snyder’s “I Am South”

Thank you, Bill Shute.

Virgogray Press

Be sure to check out the new poetry book from El Paso’s DONNA SNYDER called “I AM SOUTH,” published by Virgogray Press. It’s a raw, earthy, witty, heartfelt, kaliedoscopic collection from one of the great ladies of Texas poetry.

– Bill Shute, publisher, Kendra Steiner Editions

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