My poem Boltzmann’s Brain at Tyson Bley’s Dark Blog

Boltzmann’s Brain by Donna Snyder


Boltzmann’s Brain – Donna J Snyder

thought invents other then self
surpasses time’s illusion self’s illusion
time’s arrow only a construct
a concession to psychology
our emotional attachment to the notion of senses
objective reality a comforting myth but only goes so far
thought sleeps
dreams of universe multiverse nothingness
dreams of somethingness but has its doubts
thought dreams constellations
their starry gravity impels our momentum
and even as they die they compel us to resist change
but only if we are matter
only if matter really matters and is in motion
only if motion raises the temperature of the bodies in question
only if the density and viscosity are low and the matter diffused
but really who believes in ideal anything much less matter
you know and I know there is nothing constant or ideal
the pocket full of posies unreal as the heat death of the universe
no being independent of mind or object
relationships construed where none exists
here or there becomes where you are
thought evokes kinetic energy as if our bodies were in motion
a line between points nothing more than kinetic theory
our particles no where moving in straight lines
no velocity no direction
gravity isn’t even invited to the party
thought creates me but neither it nor I exist
nothing left but heuristics
entropy the only constant and that may not be true either

20 thoughts on “My poem Boltzmann’s Brain at Tyson Bley’s Dark Blog

    • Thanks for reading and for your comment. That’s one of the big questions, as I understand the things I’ve been reading, if nothing existed before the universe, then how did the universe come into existence. You are right about the irrationality of that line, and I admit I didn’t think it through enough. These theoretical matters are much harder for me to write about than other things like grief or passion or what have you.

      Can you suggest an edit that would make more sense?


      • Hi, As I know next to nothing about poetry, I can not say anything about that.

        But about what existed before the universe and other things like that, I would like to say that science can not know such things. Science does not address the actually existing reality but only humanly perceivable and conceivable reality. It is philosophy which is concerned with ultimate questions.
        Have you heard of Immanuel Kant?

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        • Yes, although that was decades ago when I was in law school. Since then, only quotes and allusions in articles or reviews.

          As far as thinking v scientists might have the v ultimate answers, no. While very interesting, very smart, the sciences with regard to answers are not much different from an esoteric cosmology. As a law professor used to say, Constitutional Law is not difficult. It’s merely occult.


      • the me is a concept, and thoughts do create concepts , as to the ultimate truth of any concept… ? there is something there but to say exists is also a concept. that which can be aware of concept is it not non existant? as in no limit? thoughts and concepts arise naturally but ware are not only that – there is more to us than thought and concept…. or to put it briefly i like the line as it is. i think it has a truth to it. and if nothing else it has inspired several of us to “think”. thanks for the share its been fun.

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      • pd, I just now saw your comment with the video (one of my all time favorite albums, btw). You describe my own thoughts rather well. As to the line, since there is also a concept known as Boltzmann’s paradox, I decided the line says what I mean to express.


    • Thank you. I’m always interested in other people’s reaction to my b writing, approving or criticizing. When someone has a strong response, I know something worked in my poem.

      To be considered beautiful and interesting is a great combination of responses to a poem. Thank you.

      ps the odd, random letters in my comments are typos born of a small keyboard on my telephone.


  1. i like very much the meander of the matter here. also now I know what heuristics means – or at least what google says it means! objective reality a comforting myth but only goes so far…
    i would say that what we believe to be comforting is the origin of suffering. not myth however, as myth seeks to learn, to explore, to explain but once myth becomes solidified as dogma then our belief begets our suffering. any way that and 2 cents will get you plenty of nothing. I enjoy the provocative nature of the piece.

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