“Encorazonadxs: On the Art of Writing and Creating Community From the Heart”

Insight and heart from the source….

ire'ne lara silva

Keynote delivered July 28, 2018 at El Tallercito’s 1st Writers Conference, Dallas, TX

 It was some years ago when I first heard the word ‘encorazonado’ but I understood it, felt the rightness of it, in that very moment. To live from your heart. To so embody your heart—your love, your generosity, your warmth, your light—that you would be known by those qualities. Known by your heart rather than by your mind or your reputation or your influence.

I believe that what the heart most deeply longs to do is to give. Its truest function is to make a gift of itself. And I believe that art is born from this same longing. From a desire to give, to give of yourself, to give what is uniquely yours to give.

We know this instinctively. Every book that we have ever loved, every work of art that has ever spoken…

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