Excerpt: Forward from ‘The Vanishing Poet,’ Upcoming from Michael Aaron Casares

Pointed and an always timely reminder.

Virgogray Press

We are conscious energy. We are energy having a ‘human’ experience. Everything is energy, condensed wavelengths or particles determining how heavy or how light the energy. Energy that pulses with vibration, low or high, negative or positive, does not die, it changes. And the first, and possibly the most important, task on our to-do list:

To remember.

Once we’ve remembered, everything else begins to fall into place in fulfillment with the divine contracts, the promises, we made to ourselves before setting out on this journey. And everyone, every bit of aware energy, has a purpose; and the purpose is different for everybody. Whether the gatekeeper to an invaluable innovation, whether to learn from the lessons of transgression, or to be a cog in the wheel, we all have individual purpose. We all have choice. We have autonomy. It is up to us to choose if the sun will set in…

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Degenerate Art in the Time of Facebook

My post on Facebook jail at El Paso News

El Paso News

The El Paso News is committed to freedom of expression.  Such venues as this blog are more important today than they were just a few years ago, as social networking platforms become more censorious than a small town’s watchdogs on the contents of libraries.

Around 3:00 am, a fit of insomnia had me hanging out on Facebook reading poetry and news.  As I attempted to share a post about Harper Lee, I was suddenly unable to add a comment crediting the source of the link.  Immediately a screen flashed up, informing me that I am banned from unspecified actions in Facebook.


I clicked on “let us know” and was informed that such actions had to be taken “to keep Facebook safe.”


Despite the unabashed admission Facebook does not read such responses, I filled in my complaint that their action was nuts considering I had just shared a post about Harper…

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Medusa Is My Avatar

My poem Medusa Is My Avatar in El Paso News

El Paso News

Medusa on BigTree, MoonCourt, Blue Mountains – Photo by Glenys Livingstone

Medusa on BigTree, MoonCourt, Blue Mountains close up glenysMedusa is my avatar

Her moon mouth opened in a scream, whether in agony or passion is hard to discern.

The stone face is pocked with marks caused by the process of becoming.

Brows writhe in rhythm with the mass of unbrushed hair.

This is a face that turned small men to stone, so terrifying her gaze and howling mouth that they were forced to kill her.

Yet even severed from her soured body, her head lives. Not as a trophy, but as a scourge.

by Donna Snyder

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