Collecting Uteruses—the American Way

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By Donna Snyder, Artwork Courtesy of Alfonso Valenzuela

The claims by ICE detainees of trauma by hysterectomies[i] without informed consent is horrifying but sadly not shocking. Throughout much of the 19th and 20th centuries, unethical physicians and governmental agencies have conditioned health care or other benefits on acceptance of sterilization, have performed these surgeries during childbirth without knowledge or consent, have conditioned receipt of government entitlements on forcible acquiescence[ii], and have even experimented on Black women by performing hysterectomies without anesthesia[iii]. The victims of these horrific acts have been Black women, indigenous women[iv], other women of color, disabled[v] women, and poor White women. The history[vi] is gruesome[vii] and I will list just a few of many links below should you want to read some of the record yourself to grasp the truth of my statement.

I learned about this history…

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