My poem “When the bodhisattva wept” published in Return to Mago

Paubha painting showing Vishnu Mandala (15th century). Jayateja, Public domain
O Lotus that blooms from a tear of compassion
fill the air with your intoxicating scent
Remind us
that anywhere there is concern or sympathy for others 
clear water blooms
When the bodhisattva saw the suffering of humanity
a tear formed a lake of pure water
From the clear fresh water grew a single Lotus
From that Lotus stepped the compassion goddess
O dear one, enlightened one
accompany me on this last journey of mine for I am scared
Outside my window the desert lies beneath a sun
killing those who suffer the weight of all civilization on their back
The air here is poisoned with toxins
The water is itself a miracle each time it appears falling over my fingers
yet is refuse recycled from the filth made by people just for the fact that they are human

I sit in a concrete shower
a stranger’s hand be
tween my legs to remove the stink of my existence and that hand is the hand of Tara come to make my transition from flesh to ash peaceful and without pain For that gift O enlightened one you who saw the tears of the world and flew down to bring us beauty I thank you For each indignity I suffer let me see it as a gift a signpost on my way to the other side And let holiness lead me, a craven and flawed creature, the least of all these toiling and struggling souls Let me find peace in the unknowing
Because a tear from the eye of a holy one baptizes me and protects me from all

My poem Last Day published again this time in India–weekender_story-216096

Untimely death declared (one day left!)

One day left! Time to prioritize

Assume the stars say do whatever you want with what little time left

Spend the rent on charming ballet slippers

Dance at the ball until way past midnight Laugh until you wet yourself no matter

Turn all your oh, no!s into oh, yes!s.

Say hello to spring which won’t become a fall

Make some room for pudding—the real kind made of whole milk and eggs

You will need your dogs with you

They will give miniature barks in their sleep

and deep sighs when you give them kisses

Begin now the journey until your dying day

Write your own prescription for poetry

Read out loud every poet you’ve ever loved

Eat a feast prepared with you in mind

Remember the power of word medicine

Confound folks with your command of facts

Suddenly you remember everything you ever knew

Nothing forgotten now

Dementia just another state you’re passing through

on your trip across the great planes and spaces

Tell your stories to an appreciative audience

How you danced to drums in Sitka

How you disappeared into the ocean mists and midnight light

Enjoy mesmerizing accounts of adventure tales

Marvel at a flock of eagles in a single tree

Find a boy who knows the meaning of life

Feel the energy of warriors fallen to a massacre

Tell the folks you won’t be home for Christmas

Fly to Edinburgh and drive to Skye

Take the high road

Let the others take the low road

Sink deep into a leather sofa

Don’t expect anyone to understand

No one will love you with a love sublime

When the last grain falls through the hourglass figure you never had

Join an angel chant in 3 part harmony

We understand

We understand

There was one day left and you

sucked the marrow of those final 24

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