My poem “When the bodhisattva wept” published in Return to Mago

Paubha painting showing Vishnu Mandala (15th century). Jayateja, Public domain
O Lotus that blooms from a tear of compassion
fill the air with your intoxicating scent
Remind us
that anywhere there is concern or sympathy for others 
clear water blooms
When the bodhisattva saw the suffering of humanity
a tear formed a lake of pure water
From the clear fresh water grew a single Lotus
From that Lotus stepped the compassion goddess
O dear one, enlightened one
accompany me on this last journey of mine for I am scared
Outside my window the desert lies beneath a sun
killing those who suffer the weight of all civilization on their back
The air here is poisoned with toxins
The water is itself a miracle each time it appears falling over my fingers
yet is refuse recycled from the filth made by people just for the fact that they are human

I sit in a concrete shower
a stranger’s hand be
tween my legs to remove the stink of my existence and that hand is the hand of Tara come to make my transition from flesh to ash peaceful and without pain For that gift O enlightened one you who saw the tears of the world and flew down to bring us beauty I thank you For each indignity I suffer let me see it as a gift a signpost on my way to the other side And let holiness lead me, a craven and flawed creature, the least of all these toiling and struggling souls Let me find peace in the unknowing
Because a tear from the eye of a holy one baptizes me and protects me from all


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