Donna J. Snyder lives and writes in the borderlands of Mexico and the United States. This page is about her books, other publications, and readings, and the work of other writers and artists she respects and admires.



Donna Snyder




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  1. Joseph Reich is a social worker who lives with his wife and
    thirteen year old son in the high-up mountains of Vermont…

    He has been published in a wide variety of eclectic literary journals
    both here and abroad, been nominated seven times for The Pushcart Prize,
    and his books in poetry and cultural studies include, “If I Told You To Jump
    Off The Brooklyn Bridge” (Flutter Press) “A Different Sort Of Distance”
    (Skive Magazine Press) “Pain Diary: Working Methadone & The Life
    & Times Of The Man Sawed In Half” (Brick Road Poetry Press)
    “Drugstore Sushi” (Thunderclap Press) “The Derivation Of Cowboys & Indians”
    (Fomite Press) “The Housing Market: a comfortable place to jump off the end
    of the world” (Fomite Press) “The Hole That Runs Through Utopia” (Fomite Press)
    “Connecting The Dots To Shangrila: A Postmodern Cultural Hx Of America” (Fomite
    Press) “A Case Study Of Werwolves” (Fomite Press) “Taking The Fifth And Running
    With It: a psychological guide for the hard of hearing and blind” (Broadstone Books) “The
    Rituals Of Mummification” (Sagging Meniscus Press) “Magritte’s Missing Murals: Insomniac
    Episodes” (Sagging Meniscus Press) “How To Order Chinese During A Hostage Crisis:
    Dialects, Existential Essays, A Play, And Other Poems” (Hog Press) “The American
    Book Of The Dead” (Xi Draconis Books) “American Existentialism” (Tuba Press)
    “From Premonition To Prophecy” (Delinkwent Scholar Press)

    Dear Donna,

    Wondering too if can pass on to editor of Boston Poetry Magazine if at all possible why he has decided to block me, had considered him a friend and colleague, of which I contributed multiple poems to his press, find a bit bizarre and quixotic, Donna do hope you are doing well and all my best!

    an eccentric urban guide to surviving,

    1. add rusty nails to spice garden to help grow

    2. have mom bend wire hanger around puerto rican girl’s belly
    to see how much she’s growing on stoop during summer

    3. make sure when lovers are strolling she walks on inside close
    to buildings as opposed to street to indicate she’s not for taking

    4. at wedding make sure to frisk and check for gun at door

    5. put a raw chicken in crate and throw over the pier
    at coney island to catch crab and for supper
    add breadcrumbs & black pepper

    6. for enterprising individuals holler all day by shore–“fudgie! fudgie! bud-wiza!”

    7. for scraps after school rub garlic on fingernails to scratch eyes out

    8. put battery on shoulder and if knocked off get ready as means war

    9. the rough & tough irish brothers who really love each other
    but will throw down practically anywhere throw out insults
    and doesn’t matter where they are could be the inside of
    drugstore and so on will beat the crap out of each other

    10. gangs having fist fights in white castle at midnight
    literally getting tossed through windows and being
    escorted in paddywagons chained around the ankle
    to destinations like bellevue & tombs & the next
    morning in the courtroom will find out their fate
    usually a 3-5 bid upstate at elmira, comstack, or
    attica without the help of al pacino & drag queen
    to melodramatically get them out on good behavior

    11. during mother’s day on a fine sunday one of the wise asses
    from the neighborhood in asphalt park while playing softball
    will hilariously remark–“i see you’re all spending the day with
    your moms” then when sliding into second pile on top of each other

    12. center fielder easily distracted
    with absolutely no attention span
    scaling center field fence like spiderman

    13. alpha-male macho man insulting effeminate drag queen
    and suddenly he/she kicking the shit out of him
    with broom handle used to play stickball

    14. after playing hoop all day in tompkins square park
    in alphabet city hang out with buddy in projects
    who shows me his 25 he keeps safely stored
    in converse sneaker box under his bed used
    purely for defense and those who offend

    15. the stud from the neighborhood hanging out on corner
    snaps at the cute girl returning home from work, who
    can’t help but to smile and be flattered by his dialogue
    –“send me to the corner! i’ve been a very bad boy!”

    16. the old timers from the social club pretending
    to hit each other over the head with wooden chairs

    17. strange neglected kid standing on his head
    within the fence of his brownstone
    as if welcoming guests

    18. one sign reads “confession” and the other “italian ice”
    both just as legitimate and helping to heal vice

    19. ballerina deliberately hangs brazzieres & panties
    on dripping clothesline as has a crush on guy upstairs

    20. old lady married to nice & kind retired merchant-marine
    rubs olive oil from the old country into the aching
    belly of cat persistently purring

    21. pit bulls planted on roofs trained to detect and sniff
    out the brave men in blue barking like mad when they
    show up in riot gear for their choreographed drug busts

    22. taking baths with black girl in clawfoot tub
    whose father was a blind man from yonkers
    who owned a string of bodegas and eventually
    sent me postcards from san francisco telling me
    about the real bums so blue & down in the dumps

    23. watch angelic boys drop g.i. joe from ghetto windows
    with sisters blown-up tampons into alley of dead dolls

    24. chase dope addicts back up fire escapes right where
    they belong and threaten to kill them if you ever see them
    again disappearing frightened like a flock of origami pigeons

    25. wander through snowy sacred silent streets of brooklyn to russian
    supermarket from the old country to pick up your weekly dose of
    cheap chicken, booze, babka & babushka cookies written in slavic

    26. return back reborn with a whole new outlook
    of sorts of subtle prayers & promises; mantras
    of echoing foghorns blasting down blessed alleys

    27. listen to female roommates above you through paper-thin ceiling
    one a ballerina and the other an opera singer, sometimes belting
    soprano and when most down & out & lonesome getting familiar

    28. watch melting snow flow like a revelation
    down gushing hills of cobblestone seeing seasons
    slowly shift outside south brooklyn casket & alfred tickle co.

    29. tables & chairs being put out in front of mafioso social clubs

    30. transistors for oldies station & sports radio

    31. the lines start to build up and get longer
    for o.t.b. & diabetic bakeries down the street

    32. put cooling witch hazel onto burn you got at the pool
    on pitt st. followed by a feast of black sausage & plantain
    stuffed with chopped meat washed down with coco-rico soft drink
    straight from the machine and that joint which just reads “spanish
    & chinese” right on delancey huddled beneath the manhattan bridge

    33. watch best friend from hoboken climb up the inside of the spine
    of the girders at night of the williamsburg bridge and literally leap
    over parts which haven’t been filled in because of contracts & corruption
    & organized crime constantly changing their mind over that span of time

    34. wonder why the union of doormen & custodians
    get paid so much better than school teachers

    35. pace yourself to get through the evening as a doorman
    for your graveyard shift camped-out in bellman’s closet
    slightly open for the sleazy salesmen from the midwest
    staggering in trying to sneak in unsavory guests nodding

    out with your slice of stolen key lime pie from the kitchen
    ezra pound’s cantos kerouac’s desolation angels like a religion

    36. wake yourself up and rearrange the lobby which includes
    primping pillows, unloading ashtrays, polishing brass handles
    of luggage carriers, and putting up the letters for cosmetologist and
    pharmaceutical conventions; like a phantom slip bills under guest doors

    37. greet whole hoard of gorgeous puerto rican girls
    to die for entering doors for housekeeping chores

    38. bring in whole stack of morning papers, sweep up outside
    in front of hotel and hose down curb, don’t forget to pick up
    luggage in hall for german & asian tour groups and bring bags to bus

    39. take subway home to brooklyn with great big ball
    of blinding sun rising beaming & bouncing off of
    navy-blue windows of drowsy red brick factories

    40. morning mists burning off majestic bridges
    connecting manhattan to nostalgic transcendent
    boroughs & new jersey looking southward to lady
    liberty the atlantic & old country & up north where
    that brilliant miraculous hudson rambles right past
    ulysses s. grant tombstone, young teddy roosevelt
    mansion and into the expansive adirondack mountains
    which holds millionaires & madmen, prisons & institutions
    in no man nomad never never land of the forgotten & forgiven

    41. old distinguished white-bearded black man with eyes of kindness
    & wisdom whose white girl walked out on him and left him in
    the park when used to give art exhibits at the whitney & frick

    42. hookers & homeless & penniless hoteliers literally scrubbing up
    with bars of lava soap and gee your hair smell terrific shampoo
    with fire hydrants opened up in a half-crazed hysterical commune

    43. ghosts in 10th avenue hell’s kitchen boxcar diner
    that part of the nightlife when city’s
    most abandoned & silent

    44. if slumlords refuse to give you heat for the winter
    deduct it from the rent in existential increments

    45. if slumlords refuse to fix your buzzer
    attach an extra key to sock and toss it out
    window watching it sail like a carrier pigeon

    46. to survive the wild heat of a summer in brooklyn
    all you need is a refrigerator full of milk & seltzer
    with leftover fried fish & plantain & gizzard, multiple
    cold showers and stick your head in the freezer, drop
    naked dripping to your futon on the floor with your
    muted tv of edward g. robinson, bogie & bacall

    47. cab crashed through café window on 3rd avenue
    while pale-faced party girl coming off a night of
    coke & blunts still mechanically serves blue plate
    special & coffee on a bleary-eyed sunday morning

    48. poor princess beneath parasol who works for pierre-deux
    on lexington whose man tragically walked out on her gets
    suddenly knocked over by a deaf boy doing sign language
    resembling a busted tumbling umbrella blowing in the wind

    49. for sadistic discipline when inviting relatives over make daughter
    kneel naked on rice in corner while balancing a bible on each hand

    50. bring kid to movie theater and make him look down
    at floor and avert eyes the whole time film’s playing

    51. put banner up made up of bed sheets swinging from apartment building
    over city pool during sweltering summer to indicate brother’s returning
    home from upstate doing a bid for robbing a whole string of friendly’s.


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