My poem, Sanctified, included in Oxygen: Parables of the Pandemic


She can make the heat death of the universe

a thing of beauty,

and an exploding star an object of desire.

But the gravity

of untimely death eludes her magic. Killers

proceed like a curse written in an ancient alphabet. Death,

indifferent to color or class,

turns crowns of glory into meat hooks, pierces our flesh, steals

our breath, pulls us into the final black hole.

Our bodies, sanctified,

the mix of every color together, disappear

into the ultimate dark.

“Oxygen: Parables of the Pandemic” anthology inspired the “Oxygen” project to help India fight the deadly second wave of COVID-19 and raise substantial funds for GiveIndia and Project Hope, supporting the cause.

Please help get supplies for fighting the pandemic to Navajo Country.

My friend Carl Allen Begay is gathering essential supplies, face masks, gloves, face shields, hospital gowns, fabric, food and cleaning supplies to take to the Navajo and Hopi Reservation for COVID19 relief. They are especially seeking fabric and face mask donations and as many as possible. Please contact him for more information.

He has plenty of room for bulk donations: Carl Allen Begay 2225 E Lockett Rd Flagstaff Arizona 86004 for masks and other donations. Checks can be made out to Karen Begay 2225 E Lockett Rd Flagstaff Az 86004.

They’re using any collected funds for gas money. Mr Begay takes supplies and PPE to the Navajo and Hopi Reservations.

His daughter is collecting gas money thru her pay pal. This was set up for their tour business but they wont be doing tours for a long time. Any donations will be specifically used to address the pandemic which is rampaging through Navajo Country. She is on PayPal as KBegayToursAZ.

If you cannot donate please keep spreading the word.

Mr. Begay is on Facebook at 41078790_10156580786299909_365018133636841472_oCarl Begay on Facebook