My essay in tribute to Bart Wolffe in VEXT Magazine

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On None so Blind as He Who Will Not See by Bart Wolffe


My Red Fez review of new book by Tamara Albanna   Read on Red Fez | Read Later

watching a poem – the writing of Phibby Venable

One red bird morning too bright for melancholy all hard things fell away For several years, it has been my honor and privilege to observe, and enjoy, the daily postings of Phibby Venable from afar.…

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‘Not nothing’ means something

A poem from Lori Gómez

Closed Captioned For The Thinking Impaired

Is this the ground
your feet tread upon?

Your molten mercury
spills its silver and
pours memory like death
upon this ant colony.

Scurry away.
Busy yourself
with all the plausible.
None of it matters.

Small mounds hide the tumulus
that life becomes. You may pull
your hair, and yank out your teeth,
but the roots remain. The muted
tongue will always seek the space
between the bites.

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Snake by Leonora Carrington

Snake Crowned as the serpents   In the Kingdom of the mind Often are.   Where is the pyramid Of her body placed?   A mnemonic device To navigate the reptilian brain.   Bare it in mind Bare it in mi…

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My Queen Mob’s Teahouse review of Susan Hawthorne’s Lupa and Lamb

My Queen Mob’s Teahouse review of Susan Hawthorne’s Lupa and Lamb

Lupa and Lamb cover art