Better late than never news

Last November, Lori Gómez, publisher of VEXT Magazine nominated my poem Chrystal Spheres Blown through Emptiness for the Pushcart Prize. My many thanks to Lori for the vote of confidence and for her vision and commitment to the creation and publication of VEXT Magazine.

A poem of mine published in new issue of VEXT Magazine


Deprived of sleep.  Nothing to eat but self.

Body devoid of flesh, only muscle, skin, ribs.

Feet contorted into pillars, rooted in earth.

Arms become vapor, waft into the nothing above.

Head disappears into smoke.  Ephemerality wisps

into infinity.  A dance between this world and that.

The liminality between here and there.




‘Not nothing’ means something

A poem from Lori Gómez

Closed Captioned For The Thinking Impaired

Is this the ground
your feet tread upon?

Your molten mercury
spills its silver and
pours memory like death
upon this ant colony.

Scurry away.
Busy yourself
with all the plausible.
None of it matters.

Small mounds hide the tumulus
that life becomes. You may pull
your hair, and yank out your teeth,
but the roots remain. The muted
tongue will always seek the space
between the bites.

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