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Boltzmann’s Brain by Donna Snyder


Boltzmann’s Brain – Donna J Snyder

thought invents other then self
surpasses time’s illusion self’s illusion
time’s arrow only a construct
a concession to psychology
our emotional attachment to the notion of senses
objective reality a comforting myth but only goes so far
thought sleeps
dreams of universe multiverse nothingness
dreams of somethingness but has its doubts
thought dreams constellations
their starry gravity impels our momentum
and even as they die they compel us to resist change
but only if we are matter
only if matter really matters and is in motion
only if motion raises the temperature of the bodies in question
only if the density and viscosity are low and the matter diffused
but really who believes in ideal anything much less matter
you know and I know there is nothing constant or ideal
the pocket full of posies unreal as the heat death of the universe
no being independent of mind or object
relationships construed where none exists
here or there becomes where you are
thought evokes kinetic energy as if our bodies were in motion
a line between points nothing more than kinetic theory
our particles no where moving in straight lines
no velocity no direction
gravity isn’t even invited to the party
thought creates me but neither it nor I exist
nothing left but heuristics
entropy the only constant and that may not be true either

My publication–History sits on a chair–five poets on the same theme

History sits on a chair–Five poets on the same theme, curated by klassnik on newhive.

history sits on a chair
picks her teeth with a rabbit bone and drops a cup
ouilipolice wear riot gear to ensure random chance
every third erasure cubed then triangulated
but still the uncertainty principle warps the record
the delusions of mathematicians and platonists
so sure equations are reality behind the flickers and shadows
a harmony of glass globes static as stars painted on a ceiling
an arrow shot from a train at once hood ornament and memory
time asymmetrical and memory just another construct
but there is no imaginary time when stirring a pot of rabbit stew

she mentions the heat death of the universe
all the stars burn out one by one ashes ashes
we all fall down but then the big bounce
the broken teacup reassembles
on the table from which it fell